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Combat Fitness

Our Combat Fitness classes are developed to help you have strong fight conditioning, speed and strength. Putting you into great shape and building up your self-confidence, our programs are based on striking and MMA movement, strength and conditioning exercises and calisthenics movement (eg. push ups, sit ups, squats). The Strike2fitness program is a 9 round with 9 different stations, with each station having a different exercise route. The first round is a warm up round and the next 8 are all working rounds each round in 3mins with a 30sec period in between. The working rounds are broken into 3 x 1min sections the first minute is striking on a bag, focus mitts or ground bag with a different striking combination each round, the next minute is a strength exercise using equipment such as (eg. Dumbbells, battle ropes, slam balls) and the last minute of the round is back to striking on the bags, the 30sec period in between is calisthenics, A new class starts every 3mins.

Our group class is 14 rounds, 3min and 30sec rest period in between. The first round is a warm up round. The next 12 rounds are working rounds, one round is striking the next is strength and conditioning, the rounds are broken into 3 x 1min rounds, the first minute is either a striking or a strength/conditioning movement, the second minute is calisthenics and the last minute is back to the first minutes exercise, with a 30sec rest in between rounds. The last round is a cool down and meditation round.