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Mick's Martial arts has been Established since 2013 under the name of North western Krav Maga Melbourne, where we specialised in teaching Tactical Krav Maga. As our student base and curriculum grew we re branded the training centre Mick’s Martial Arts, we now teach Tactical Krav Maga will teach you how to defend yourself in a real life attack from scenario such as home invasion, abduction, robbery and so much more.


It will help you develop self-confidence, and self awareness to any situation. Tactical Krav Maga is regarded as one of the world’s best self-defence system, Kick boxing will teach you how to use your hands and feet, movement and strategy to strike effectively and efficiently and to avoid being hit by an opponent, Catch/submission wrestling will help teach you how to control a fight giving you the ability to take the fight where you want to take it, standing, in the clinch or on the ground and having the ability to defeat your opponent/attacker by striking or submission.


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 Mixed Martial Arts will teach you how to mixed up the striking and grappling into a seamless transition in a MMA fight, it will also teach you about competition and good sportsmanship and Our fitness classes will get you into the best combat conditioning shape possible our Strike 2 fitness a 9 x 30min round program which classes start every 3mins and combat condition group classes combination of kick boxing/MMA and Strength and condition exercises for 12 x 3min rounds.





Our promise to you is to help guide you through your journey on the path that you want to achieve in, whether it is self-defence, self-confidence or self-achievement. We as a School, a Team and a Community and are here to work with you to achieve your goals.